Approaching this collaboration we had to find a way for the photography and illustration to tell the story of the each artist. In choosing the artist (Tshepo Mosoeu) we found

someone that could take on different personalities in design which spoke to the unique traits of the subjects: Manthe Ribane & Lady Skollie. Tshepo Mosoeu’s designs brought us into his world with interesting shapes; he created within the limits of an image but still found a way to give the images a new reality.

To give a little background, for Manthe in the design it was important that movement was present. Finding success in the arts through dance, a static image that still has movement in it was very important. For Laura “Lady Skollie” we needed to find a way to reference her activist style of art and incorporate words into the design interacting with the subject. Her work speaks to gender and sexuality, speaking to her interest in human relationships specifically through sex and this is present in the two designs.

We appreciate these artists for their willingness to become the canvas to our creative minds. Almost like gallerists, The Uncultured Club were happy and honoured to host all the different disciplines in this exhibition.