The magazine

issue 3

For the longest time, reaching Issue 3 has been a milestone for us. We told ourselves “If we can get to the third issue, that’s it! We’re official!” Now, the third issue is here, and it feels like the third baby step. We’re still babies. But we’re growing and that’s what is most excititng for us. We’re running into more challenges with each issue, making brand new mistakes and that’s been so amazing! We’ve found new things to fight about. We’ve added on a little, and taken away so much. Justsunday continues to teach us exactly what it is, and what it wants to achieve. I guess as we grow, we’re learning to listen more attentatively. Justsunday continues to teach us a lot – even about ourselves.

The Kult Issue

issue 2

A note from the editors:

We genuinely feel like we’ve grown from the first issue. We’ve definitely improved. But we hope we don’t start lolling and feeling like a magazine. We’re not. Justsunday is our Heart displayed on paper. And we share that heart with you because you’re family. Thank you so much for the support – KiN

The Creative Issue

issue 1

JUSTSUNDAY is a quarterly magazine that documents and publishes the work of local artists, designers, photographers, restaurants and interesting places around the city of Johannesburg. It is the catalogue that showcases the potential and character of This City. We try to showcase the adoration and love of the growth and transition of Johannesburg’s ever evolving modernist culture; as weall as a few conversations with creatives. We hope that you’ll be inspired and enjoy this publication as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

The KiN Issue